Writing well for the web

when 79% of users only scan the page.

Writing well for the web

Writing for the web is very different from writing for print. 79% of users scan the page instead of reading word-for-word, possibly because reading from computer screens is 25% slower than from paper.

Below are some hints and tips to help you write well for the web.

  • Be concise – write 50% less than in a paper publication
  • Be scannable – help people find what they need
  • Be objective – build trust and gain credability with users
  • Check grammar, punctuation and spelling
  • Write for your audience not for yourself or your company
  • Stick closely to your topic and make it clear straight away what your proposition is
  • Think like a reader: What terms would you use if you were looking for a page like yours?

Download tips on writing well for the web (48k PDF)

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