How do I write a good design brief?

What information does the designer need?

How do I write a design brief?

A design brief is a written explanation that is given to a designer, outlining the aims and objectives of a design project. When planning your new website you will need to tell the designer what sort of website you want, what you’d like it to achieve for you and who your target market is. A poorly thought out or vague brief could result in the wrong solutions being offered to you, wasting your time and money.

A design brief should include:

  • Company profile and corporate personality
  • Your web site objectives
  • Additional requirements and web site functionality
  • Who your target audience is / who the website is aimed at
  • Your website budget and any timescale constraints for the project
  • Examples of web sites that you like as well as your nearest competitors

Download tips on writing a good design brief (45k PDF)

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